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A short preview of lecture A-123 'CNS Traum and Neurovascular Injury', from the session 'CNS Emergencies' at ECR 2014, given by H.A. Rowley from Madison, USA.
Arun S. Chhabra, MD, of Rush University Medical Center, advises that upon referral to a psychiatric specialist, neurologists should follow up with patients to discuss concussion-related concerns that the patient may not feel comfortable discussing with the psychiatric specialist.
Rejean M. Guerriero, DO, of Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, found that children younger than 10 years old recover faster from concussion than those older than 10, a difference that may be the result of more preexisting comorbidities that inhibit recovery in older patients.
Allen Brown, M.D., Associate Professor of PM&R at Mayo Clinic discusses the clinical management of concussive brain injuries. Customized treatment is based upon their unique circumstances.
How does brain injury affect memory? Learn about memory impairment following brain injury in this video featuring NeuroRestorative’s Tori Harding. Following a brain injury, the deeply embedded and long-term memories usually remain intact while short-term memory may significantly be affected....
The ImPACT tool is most effective in the comparative assessment of a patient's neurocognitive state before a concussion actually occurs. Postinjury care is critical and the baseline ImPACT test can help our experts manage the injury more accurately.


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